FOI association has been supporting several projects worldwide for over 20 years thanks to the contribution and devotion of our members and supporters. Some of the supported projects are listed below by country:

A partnership has been established with the Diocese of Lai and his Bishop Miguel SEBASTIAN. In this context, a primary school was created with the collaboration of the Collège du Sacré Coeurof (Charleroi) and an adult training center based in Temploux (Namur) for the parish of Béré. A young Belgian volunteer want to teach in a local school for several months.

In addition, two technicians, a nurse and pastoral agents went to help there with intermediary of FOI association. Finally, didactic and medical equipments were sent there with support of many people and institutions.

For several years we have been supporting a high school in Lima, the Instututo Humberto Cauwe. Several people contrubuted to this project including Jean Imberechts, the parish of Temploux, Benoit and M-L Avalosse.

In addition, multiple vaccination campaigns are organized each year by J.C.Velasquez, member of FOI association.

FOI has supported an education project in the village of Somoto, in collaboration with Casa Nicaragua, a Belgian association based in Liège. Belgian volunteers went to contribute to this project. Since then, we continue to support education (scholarship) of young people through the partnership with Casa Nicaragua 's "Nica Beca" scholarship project. For more info, visit

FOI association support projects in collaboration with Instutut Notre Dame des Anges of Liège.